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How to order

Ordering process goes through 3 steps:

First step checks the ordered items, their amount, price and number of points you’ll recieve for the order if registered.

Furthermore it is the step when you can add a gift code if you’ve got one.

Second step is about choosing the shipping company and way of payment. But first you need to choose the country you want the order to be shipped to. If you will not find the required country in our list, let us know and we’ll check what we can do about it.

After that the 2nd Step customize itself with the proper shipping according to chosen country. Usualy there’s only one to choose from, rarely could be more.

There’s two ways of payment - through card (first choice) or through Bank transfer.

If you choose payment through card, after you finnish the order in the 3rd Step, you will be transfered to payment gate.

If you choose payment through Bank Transfer, you’ll recieve an email with all informations you’ll need for payment.

3rd Step is about to whom and where you want the package to be send to. Fill the blanks with informations as you can see below.

If you have any notes or anything just write it down to the notes column and we will take it into account.

The final step is to agree with our business terms and conditions. These are not different from a legal standards in Czechia and are mandatory.

Then just click on the Big Yellow and T-t-t-that’s all Folks!